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Online donations to SEI are now possible!

  1. Go to the secure website for the Script Encoding Initiative and make your donation there.

  2. You will receive official acknowledgement of your contribution, and our heartfelt thanks!

  3. If you need help with the donations process or have any questions, please send us an email, or write to us at:

   Script Encoding Initiative
   c/o Anushah Hossain and Deborah Anderson
   Department of Linguistics
   1203 Dwinelle Hall #2650
   Berkeley, CA 94720-2650 USA

Donation by phone: You can also make a donation to the Script Encoding Initiative with your credit card by calling UC Berkeley Gift Services at 510.643.9789, stating that the donation should go to Script Encoding Initiative (fund number FU1226000)

Donation by regular mail: Personal Checks (in U.S. dollars) should be made out to "UC Berkeley Foundation", with "Script Encoding Initiative" written on the memo line, and sent to:

   University of California, Berkeley
   Donor and Gift Services
   1995 University Avenue, Ste 400
   Berkeley, CA 94704-1070

If a letter accompanies the check, it should specify that the money is a "gift." Donations are tax-deductible in the US within the limits as prescribed by law (see IRS Publication 526).

Note: A portion of your philanthropic gift, seven and a half percent, is allocated to support our fundraising efforts and capital renewal projects on campus. This level compares favorably to those at other UC schools and select institutions. One third of this amount is directed to capital renewal; one third to campuswide fundraising operations; and the remaining third to fundraising operations at the school, college, or program benefiting from your gift. More information is available here.

In-kind contributions are also helpful. SEI is in need of volunteers, as mentioned on our home page.

Donations to SEI help support SEI work. Funds are used primarily to pay script encoding specialists and graduate students to do research, and write script proposals on a per-script basis. Funding also covers research-related travel, administrative costs, and website maintenance. SEI's progress web page gives an overview of project achievements.

Input from experts

Input is needed from specialists on any outstanding scripts. This can be in the form of (a) comments on outstanding script proposals, (b) information in support of an ongoing proposal, (c) letters in support of a specific proposal, or (d) actual writing of a proposal.

The full list of unencoded scripts is in the alpha-script-list. The type of feedback needed by scholars and users is in the list of Proposal Questions.

If you would like to write a letter of support for a specific proposal, please email us.

(c) If you would like to write a proposal, please review the Unicode guidelines, look through some of the proposals found on Michael Everson's "Papers Formally Submitted to the UTC and ISO/IEC 10646 JTC 1/SC2/WG2" or those on Anshuman Pandey's "Digital Standards for South Asian Writing Systems," then send an email to Deborah Anderson.

If you are new to Unicode, it is advisable to read the beginning chapters of the Unicode Standard. If you intend to become involved in writing proposals, be sure to review the Unicode Consortium Policies, and Proposal Guidelines.

How to help

Assist in fundraising efforts

If you would like to volunteer in our fund-raising efforts (especially to write funding proposals), please contact Deborah Anderson (

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