Scripts to Encode

The SEI maintains:

Everson's Papers Formally Submitted to the UTC and ISO/IEC 10646 JTC 1/SC2/WG2, for more recently revised proposals.

Input needed from experts

Input is needed from specialists on any outstanding scripts. This can be in the form of (a) comments on outstanding script proposals, (b) information in support of an ongoing proposal, (c) letters in support of a specific proposal, or (d) actual writing of a proposal.

The full list of unencoded scripts is in the alpha-script-list. The type of feedback needed by scholars and users is in the list of Proposal Questions.

If you would like to write a letter of support for a specific proposal, please email us.

(c) If you would like to write a proposal, please review the Unicode guidelines, look through some of the proposals found on Michael Everson's "Papers Formally Submitted to the UTC and ISO/IEC 10646 JTC 1/SC2/WG2" at or those on Anshuman Pandey's "Digital Standards for South Asian Writing Systems" at, then send an email to Deborah Anderson (

If you are new to Unicode, it is advisable to read the beginning chapters of the Unicode Standard (available online on the Unicode website, If you intend to become involved in writing proposals, be sure to review the Unicode Consortium Policies, and Proposal Guidelines.

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