Proposal Questions

Type of information needed when reviewing script proposals and general background on Unicode and Unicode proposals.

The script proposals aim to cover the characters used in a given script. A "character" is an abstraction (i.e., Latin lowercase letter "a"), which has various surface forms, or "glyphs" (i.e., the cursive "a" differs from that found in Times New Roman, but both are understood as "a" and are contrasted with a "b"). Unicode encodes just characters but information on glyphs is important to note in the documentation, particularly as a single character can have various contextual glyphs. All of these detailed issues are discussed on the Unicode web site and in the Unicode Standard itself.

The Unicode web site hosts a number of examples of proposals that have been recently accepted. These can help give reviewers a flavor of what is considered a complete proposal. If you wish to view such examples to help in your review, please send us a request and we can point you to one or more good examples.

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