Scripts Not Encoded

Below is a list of scripts that are not yet officially encoded in the Unicode Standard (and ISO/IEC 10646). (For a list of scripts that have successfully been encoded with assistance from SEI, see the Completed Scripts page.)

The TYPE field indicates the basic script type:

The type values in the HMA field are:

The PROPOSAL field indicates whether a proposal has been written. A link is made to the most current proposal, if available. In some cases the proposals are only preliminary, and may include just a code chart and a list of names. Not all scripts listed will necessarily be encoded. Those proposals which have received assistance from SEI are marked with an asterisk (*):

The CONTACT field is the name of the central contact person in charge of coordinating activities related to the script proposal:

The following scripts need further information before being added to the list below. If you have information, please contact Deborah Anderson:

Script Type HMA Proposal Contact
Adinkra A m Y Korankye
Afáka (Ndjuka) S m Y* Everson
Aiha A a Y Everson
Angka bejagung (Rejang Numbers) N Y* Pandey
Ariyaka Rajan
Avoiuli A m
Aztec Pictograms I h
Bagam (Eghap) S h Y* Everson
Balti-A G h Y*
Balti-B G h Y* Pandey
Beria G m Y Anderson
Bété S m Y* Rovenchak
Bhujinmol G h Y Pandey
Buginese extensions for Bima Y Febri Muhammad Nasrullah
Blissymbols I m Y Everson
Book Pahlavi A h Y* Pandey
Borama (Gadabuursi) A m
Bowen (Lao Baiwen)
Bronze script h
Brusha A-S h Y Pandey
Byblos A h
Chak G m Mandal and Mitchell
Chalukya (Box-Headed) G H
Chisoi A m Approved Mandal
Chola G h
Cirth A a Y Everson
Cistercian numerals N h Y Miller
Cretan Hieroglyphs I h
Demotic (Egyptian) h
Dhimal A-S m Y Pandey
Eebee Hmong S m Y* Everson et al.
Egyptian Hieroglyphs (extended) L, S, A h Y* Suignard et al.
Epi-Olmec I h
Ersu Shaba l (?) h Y China NB
Eskaya S m Y Pandey
Fula-1 (Fula Dita) A m
Fula-2 (Ba) A m
Gabelsberger Shorthand m
Gangga Malayu (withdrawn pending further info) G h Y* Pandey
Garay (Wolof) A m Approved* Rovenchak et al.
Gbékoun m Patel
Gregg Shorthand m
Gurung (Khe Phri) m Y
Gurung (Khema) A-S m Approved Mandal
HamNoSys I a
Hausa-1 (Salifou Hausa) A m Y
Hausa-2 (Raina Kama) A m Y
Hausa-3 (Tafi) A m
Hieratic (Egyptian) h
Iban m
Indus Valley Script I h Y Everson
Isibheqe Sohlamvu S m
Jurchen I h Y West
Kadamba h
Kaddare A m
Kaida I, N h M. Rosa
Karani h
Kerinci (Incoung) A-S Y Pandey
Khatt-i Baburi h Y Pandey
Khitan Large Script (Ideographs) I h Y Chinese NB
Khotanese (Turkestani) G h Y Wilson
Kirat Rai G h Approved Mandel & Evans
Klingon Y Shoulson & Litaer
Kore Sebeli A m Y Bangoura, Guigon & Sylla
Kpelle S m Y* Everson & Riley
Kulitan A-S m Y Pandey
Kurux Banna A-S m Mandal
Kushan a
Kwekor S m Ben Mitchell
Lampung A-S m Y Pandey
Landa G h Y* Pandey
Leke G m Y Hosken & Fickle
Linear Elamite H h Y* Pandey
Lisu Monosyllabic S Y China NB
Loma S m Y* Everson
Lontara Bilang Bilang
Luo Lakeside A m Y
Magar Akkha G m Y* Pandey
Mandombe A m Y* Rovenchak et al.
Marchung G h
Ma-sa-ba (Bambara) S m
Mayan Hieroglyphs (Classic) L h Y Vail et al.
Mayan Hieroglyphs (Codical) L h Y* Carlos Pallan
Micmac Hieroglyphs Lg h
Minangkabau h
Mixtec h
Moon A m Y Everson
Mwangwego G m Y* Everson
Nasu m
Naxi Dongba I h Y China NB
Naxi Geba S h Y Everson
Nisu m
Numidian A h
Nwagu Aneke Igbo S
Ol Onal A m Approved Mandal & Kucera
Old Minahasa h
Olmec h
Oracle Bone h Y
Otomaung m
Pabuchi G m Mandal
Pahawh Hmong First Stage Everson
Palaeohispanic (North) A, S h Y* Joan Ferrer et al.
Palaeohispanic (South) A, S h Y* Joan Ferrer et al.
Pallava G h Y* Pandey
Pau Cin Hau Syllabary Lg m Y* Pandey
Pitman Shorthand A m Y R. Rajaram
Proto-Cuneiform Lg h Y* Pandey
Proto-Elamite h Y* Pandey
Proto-Sinaitic A h Y* Pandey
Pungchen G h Y Pandey
Punic A h
Pyu (Tircul) G h Y* Pandey
Ranjana (Landzya) G m Pandey
Rejang Numbers N Y* Pandey
Rma m Y Chan et al.
Rongo Rongo L h Y Everson
Satavahana G h
Seal I h Y Richard Cook
Shankha (Shell script) h
Shavian Quikscript
Shuishu Logograms I h Y Chinese NB
Sidetic A h Approved* Pandey
Sirmauri G Y Pandey
Siyaq (Diwani) N h Y* Pandey
Siyaq (Persian) N h Y* Pandey
Stokoe (Stokoe Notation) A m Priest (Evans)
Sunuwar A, A-S m Approved* Pandey
Tai Pao
Tai Viet additions for Jinping Dai G m Y Kushim Jiang
Tai Yo G m Approved Nguyen, Sam et al.
Tangsa (Khimhun) A m Y* Pandey
Tani A h Y* Pandey
Tengwar A a Y Everson
Teotihuacan h
Tikamuli A m Y* Pandey
Tocharian G h Y Wilson
Todhri A h Approved* Everson
Tolong Siki A m Approved* Pandey
Tulu-Tigalari G Approved Murthy & Rajan
Unifon (additions to Latin) A m Y* Everson
Vatteluttu G h Y Pandey
Veso Bey A h
Visible Speech A h
Western Cham m Y* Hosken
Woleai (Caroline Islands script) S h Y* Everson
Yi Ideographs L m Y Kushim, Jiang
Yi , Chuxiong L m
Yi , Sani L m
Zapotec h
Zhuang Square I h
Zou A-S m Y* Pandey

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